Samra is a Pakistani artist, currently living in Chicago,USA. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Art with an emphasis in Painting at Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL. Her work is influenced by traditional Islamic patterns and designs in general, her art practice engages with a variety of media, including glass paintings, ceramics, calligraphy, and oil paintings. Samra’s work has been exhibited at local community events and conventions. Additionally, she also teaches glass painting workshops as a way of giving back to the community.

Artist Statement

My art focuses on celebrating my Islamic heritage and Pakistani culture. I paint on glass, plexiglass, and mirror with glass paints; the reflective surface of the glass allows light to bounce off painted areas and pass through unpainted areas, resulting in various variants on the same surface and a delightfully unexpected end. My work is very much influenced by traditional Islamic patterns and designs in general. I incorporate geometrical designs, biomorphic patterns, Arabic calligraphy, and abstract designs into my work. Through my paintings, I like educating others about these techniques and designs, since each pattern and design has a narrative or history connected to it.

glass calligraphy

Samra created glass calligraphy to showcase her distinctive and intricate collection of paintings that feature calligraphy and abstract designs with a stained glass effect. Each painting incorporates elegant calligraphy painted onto glass, highlighted with a range of textural backgrounds and intricate border styles. Her Asian and Islamic heritage, love for stained glass, and education in art and Islamic history bring a distinctive look to her art pieces.